Monday 12/31

We hope this last update of 2012 finds all of you in good company, spirits, and health. 2012 has brought all of us some wonderful times, as well as some not always as wonderful times, but New Year’s Eve is a joyous time of reflection, so we’ll focus on the good for now. 2012 was a year full of joyous celebrations, weddings, births, and gatherings of friends and families. Continue reading

Monday 12/24

It has been a busy week at the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. Judah, as well as mommy and daddy, are getting settled in and learning the new routines and procedures. The Children’s Home (TCH) is a step-down facility similar to the Children’s Institute we spent a couple of weeks at back in October, however they focus more on teaching families how to care for their children and the equipment they will need to use. Continue reading

Monday 12/17

Almost a week since our last update, and things have been moving along smoothly with little change. Mostly calm days have allowed for plenty of play time, as well as physical therapy, and speech therapy to help us learn to feed again. Doctors and nurses continue to come in and play with Judah and tell him how wonderful he looks. Continue reading

Tuesday 12/11

In the last few days and weeks, Judah has shown some great steps developmentally. Yesterday, we celebrated his 3 month birthday, sadly, still in the CICU. But with his 3 month birthday, we can see that he is well on track for where he should be as a baby. Each day he spends more and more time playing, learning, and developing. He is sleeping regularly, and active and playful on a regular schedule too. He gets plenty of time to sing and dance with mommy, and play with his toys with daddy. Continue reading

Wednesday 12/5

Judah continues to progress in the CICU, still awaiting transfer to the next facility, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. We’ve been given a few dates on when we should expect to go over there, but as the proposed day approaches, Judah has a crazy heart rate, or a medication change, or something to push back our move date a little farther down the calendar. We’re actually ok with this, as we don’t want to rush or move Judah any faster than he is ready to go. Continue reading