Wednesday 12/5

Judah continues to progress in the CICU, still awaiting transfer to the next facility, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. We’ve been given a few dates on when we should expect to go over there, but as the proposed day approaches, Judah has a crazy heart rate, or a medication change, or something to push back our move date a little farther down the calendar. We’re actually ok with this, as we don’t want to rush or move Judah any faster than he is ready to go. We want to make sure he has all the time he needs, and the doctors are comfortable with his medication levels and vitals. But we do hope he gets to that point soon, and we are able to move on to this next facility and one step closer to being home.

The last few days have been overall very good for Judah. He is awake most of the day, and sleeps soundly at night. During the daytime, Judah is playing and talking and laughing and smiling at Mommy and all his nurses. Many of the nurses have gotten very close with Judah in the almost 3 months we’ve been in the hospital, 2 months of which has been spent with the same nurses in the CICU. Every nurse on the floor comes in every day to play with and talk to Judah. These nurses have been wonderful not just to Judah, but to Mommy and Daddy as well. But they all love Judah, and he loves them too. He has been a very happy baby the last few days, he continues to put on weight, and his cheeks are growing ripe for pinching.

Getting the Tracheostomy has made a huge impact in Judah’s recovery. Being able to breath easily gives him energy for play, and growth. For mommy and daddy though, it means a bit of learning. Mommy has become a master at changing Judah’s trach, receiving the highest marks from our trach guru Chuck. Once you get over the initial shock, you quickly get the hang of it. And to see the difference it has made in his recovery, we are ready and happy to do anything he needs.

Overall, continued progress. Judah remains absolutely adorable, and more playful every day. With all the attention and interaction he gets, his development is coming along very well. He has even begun reaching out for toys! Soon he will be reaching out for all of you. Our continued love and appreciation…