11/27/18 – healing bodies and minds

We’re now just over 10 days past surgery, and 5 full days of being home. Judah is doing well, recovering from surgery, and trying to bounce back faster than he should be. It’s tough to keep a 6 year old down, and Judah, while he does enjoy a couple of days of just staying at home watching movies and playing with his toys, is also a kid who needs to be challenged and occupied.

Overall he is recovering very well, got his (almost 20) stitches taken out Monday, and his chest is healing as it should. He is still a bit confused and scared when it comes to his chest scar. He doesn’t like to see it or have anyone look at it, which is understandable. But as it continues to heal, and we all continue to talk about it, what happened, and show him how brave and strong he is and has been, things will get easier. For now Judah gets another week off to just rest and relax, but soon we will have some of his teachers and therapists come by for visits to make sure he is still on track with both his school work, as well as his developmental needs.

Judah is an absolute whiz at home, when he gets into a topic and starts learning about something that interests him, he’s unstoppable. Lately he continues to be obsessed with the states, and can tell you every state and capital and what states are north/south/east/west of them. He also wants to go to Hawaii to see a Volcano, and Texas, because he really loves Texas right now. He’s also working on all of the countries in each continent, and wants to go to Australia to see the Koalas.

Our love and thanks to all of you, our friends and family, for continuing to stay with our family, and we are pleased to report a so far smooth continued recovery at home.


16 thoughts on “11/27/18 – healing bodies and minds

  1. We are so glad, that Judah is doing so well! You can go to Texas and stay with Benny in Dallas, he bought a house and have plenty of room and a one year old! We love you guys! Take care of each other!

  2. Glad to hear the good news. We can understand Judah’s interest in Texas, it is not a bad place. You might remember that we live in Round Rock, TX which is 20 miles from the capital of this lovely state. We also have a couple of spare bedrooms in the house and it goes without saying that all of you will be always welcomed.

  3. What a blessing to see Judah home and healing. My prayers will continue. Thanks for this special post.

  4. Thank you for so Informative update. Happy to hear about Judah’s continuous improvements in recovery. Wishing speedy recovery.
    Wishing everything the best to you J-N-J.
    Love you all very much.

  5. Its heart warming to read your update. Your strength and positiviity is such an important lesson to us. Please continue with providing only good news regarding judah’s health and the welllness of all of you.

  6. We will never forget when Lynne (age 4 or so) and her cousins were at the pool, and a little boy came up and pointed at her scar and said, “What’s that?” Her older cousin (age 7 or so) replied, “That’s where they cracked her open and fixed her heart.” It’s a badge of courage. We love you Judah. You are awesome!

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