Monday 12/31

We hope this last update of 2012 finds all of you in good company, spirits, and health. 2012 has brought all of us some wonderful times, as well as some not always as wonderful times, but New Year’s Eve is a joyous time of reflection, so we’ll focus on the good for now. 2012 was a year full of joyous celebrations, weddings, births, and gatherings of friends and families. At the beginning of the year we celebrated in New York as Daddy turned 30 years old, a few months later we celebrated a great birthday with Gramma Luba in Las Vegas, had a super fun baby shower party thrown by Gramma Sandy and Aunt Rachel, and towards the end of the year we were all given the most incredible gift of a beautiful baby boy. May our most joyous of occasions and get together’s continue into 2013 and well beyond.
We are coming up on 2 weeks of being at the Children’s Home with Judah, and we are quickly progressing through all the tests we have to pass here. At the Children’s Home, we are watched by the nurses as we begin to take over all of Judah’s care, in preparation of finally going home. Judah has been doing well, and remains stable medically. The doctors have reduced some of the settings on his vent. Judah remains at very low settings, lower than the nurses usually see, which is great and means that Judah is breathing well and with almost no support. His heart remains strong, but after a couple of appointments this week the doctors have told us that they want him to come back soon for another heart cath, as he has some irregularities in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a narrow pulmonary artery. They will continue to monitor him and he will have appointments with cardiologists to keep his heart strong and healthy.
Judah has many appointments in the next few weeks, blood tests, echos, scans and scopes. We hope they will bring good news of his smooth recovery. Although we cannot spend New Years with all of you, in the last few days we have gotten to see a lot of our closest family and be with them. Tonight, J-N-J will ring in the new year all three together, and we hope that you can all be together with the ones you love. We wish everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful, joyous and safe 2013.
Also, for those who haven’t seen it and need one more bright spot for 2012, here is an incredible video of Judah and Mommy singing together.

Our love, for all of you

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  1. Happy new year to your family. Glad to hear everything is going well at the children’s home.Hopefully you will all be home soon. Judah you look great, such a big smile to light up anyones day, keep up the good work. I will continue praying that you get home soon. Love and Happiness

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