Monday 5/20 – Two Months at Home

It’s pretty hard to believe that tomorrow on 5/21 Judah will have been at home for 2 months already. Although we continue to have at least one doctors appointment that brings Judah back to the hospital every week, in those two months he has only had one brief trip to the emergency room for bloodwork, and not a single re-admission to the hospital. At home, he continues to do wonderfully. He is growing quickly, and Continue reading

Monday 5/6

Welcome back and thanks again for joining us as we continue to watch young Judah grow and thrive! Judah is doing fantastically at home, where he has been now for almost 8 weeks after spending his first 6 months of life in the hospital. At home, Judah can play with all of his toys, hang out on the couch with his monkey, sit in a variety of rocking, bouncing, and swaying chairs, and even Continue reading