3/8/16 – 4 days post surgery

Quick update for family, friends, and fans

As Judah’s nurses might expect, his tummy and his need to get out of bed are the biggest issues. Even though he is LIQUORED UP, our little bear fights through it and tries to move around (BIG no no with the breathing tube). And because he’s got plenty of meds going, his belly has stopped. So he’s getting nutrition in a way that’s a bit more invasive.

But he’s been mostly comfortable this week, and our team is AWESOME at problem solving! Continue reading

12/10 – Home from Cincinnati with a big plan ahead

After spending 5 nights in Cincinnati, an entire battery of intake and processing at a new hospital, and undergoing various scans, scopes, test, procedures, and meeting with an amazing new team of doctors, we have complete confidence in our new airway team, and a renewed hope for big changes in the Spring. Continue reading

Saturday 11/28 – Holiday season, another big trip, and a happily noisy house

With Halloween and Thanksgiving down, and Winter fast approaching, we give thanks and are grateful for all we have. Tomorrow we embark on another journey, this time to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to learn what the future holds, and just this week we were privileged with a beautiful sound in our home.  Continue reading