Monday 7/29 – Scooting and Stepping

Since our last stay in the hospital two weeks ago, Judah has been on a new heart medication – Digoxin, and it has done a great job at stabilizing his heart rate, and now that he has mostly kicked an infection, he is as happy and playful as can be. Judah continues to make incredible strides in his development, and he is getting more mobile by the minute! Continue reading

Tuesday 7/16 – A lover of fine art

While Judah continues to grow and develop wonderfully, his heart still occasionally has trouble keeping up. For the last few weeks, Judah has continued to have more and more frequent arrhythmia’s and heart issues. For the most part they remain mild, and within an acceptable and “normal” range for his heart, but sometimes his heart rates can get a bit out of control, even with all of the medications he is on. Times like this can lead us to a visit to the Emergency Room, and Sunday, for the first time since we can home on March 21st, a 36 hour re-admission back to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital (more on this below). However, despite the sometimes frequent craziness in Judah’s heart, his smile and attitude never show any weakness. Continue reading