About Me

I’m Judah Michael. Born in Pittsburgh, PA at 11:11am on 9/10/12, i weighed 6lbs and 12oz and was 20inches long. I’m adorable, charming, and also had open heart surgury when I was just 9 days old.

I have a condition called Truncus Arteriosus, a congenital heart defect (meaning I was born with it). The doctors had to perform a delicate surgery to patch a hole between my lower ventricles (VSD), and separate a single large artery (Truncus) to create my Aorta and Pulmonary arteries, by inserting a Gore-Tex conduit into my heart.

The first surgery to repair my heart was a success. In November of 2012 I had another surgery for a Tracheostomy to help me breath without too much support from machines, and a Gastrostomy tube to help me begin feeding again and keep growing big and strong.

In March of 2013, just 6 days before my 6 month birthday, I had my second open heart surgery to repair a number of issues, including patching an ASD (atrial septal defect), replacing the conduit and valve implanted during the first surgery with a homograft, and a procedure called an Atrial Maze – which also required a pacemaker – to help get my heart rhythm and rate under control. The doctors tell me I am the youngest patient in this hospital to ever have this maze procedure performed.

Three weeks after my second open heart surgery, I finally came home – and I have been continuing to grow and thrive ever since! Crawling, cruising, weaning from the ventilator and taking trips all over town. Check the Updates for the whole story, or check out the Timeline of Events. I even got to celebrate my First Birthday in style with lots of friends, family, and supporters.

Though I will need a few more major surgeries in my life as my body and heart continue to grow, and my road to recovery is a long one, every day brings a new challenge, and a new success. Thanks for stopping by my site to learn all about me, and help raise awareness of Congenital Heart Defects!

Week 16

Please feel free to email me (under mommy and daddy’s supervision)!