Tuesday 12/18 – another moving day!

Today was a sad day in the CICU, but for the happiest of reasons. After a long day at the hospital with Judah’s heart rates still acting up a bit, we finally got word that a bed had opened up at the Children’s Home and the doctors cleared Judah for discharge. Problems arose just before we were to be moved over to the Home this afternoon, as they were having difficulty securing transportation for him, and just as we thought our move would get pushed back one more day, our ambulance arrived around 6pm and we said our goodbyes to the kind and caring staff at Children’s Hospital. Although they were sad to see the cutest baby in the hospital leave, they were happy for us to finally be able to take that next step and move to the rehabilitation facility, and one big step closer to finally going home.

Judah’s entire life has been spent in the hospital, and this latest stay in the CICU lasted 45 days. We hope our stay at the Children’s Home will not be too long, but as of right now we are not sure exactly how long it will be. Stay tuned for updates in a few days with hopefully more information about how long we expect to be at the Home, as well as more cute pictures of our beautiful boy.

One thought on “Tuesday 12/18 – another moving day!

  1. We are still following Judah’s progress,and were so happy to see that he has moved to th Children’s Home. Continued prayers for him and your whole family.

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