Monday 12/17

Almost a week since our last update, and things have been moving along smoothly with little change. Mostly calm days have allowed for plenty of play time, as well as physical therapy, and speech therapy to help us learn to feed again. Doctors and nurses continue to come in and play with Judah and tell him how wonderful he looks. We continue to wait in the CICU at Children’s Hospital until we can be moved over to the Children’s Home. We keep hearing that it is coming soon, and are hopeful that it is. But we continue to make the best of living at the hospital, playing and watching our baby boy developing and growing, and learning all about Judah’s medical needs and how to care for him.

Today, we thought that day had finally come that we would be moved over to the Children’s Home. After several days of good heart rates, everyone was preparing us for our move out of the hospital. Unfortunately, as the morning went on, we heard that there is actually no room at the Children’s Home right now, until someone gets discharged. So, we remain in the CICU. They will let us know when a room opens up for us, and hopefully we will be ready when it does.

Here in Pittsburgh, our local CBS affiliate KDKA does an annual telethon for the Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital, as no child should be denied life saving medicine because of a families insurance coverage or inability to pay medical bills. In preparation for this telethon which will take place on December 20th, KDKA asked if they could interview us and share Judah’s story. We could never deny the world a chance to see Judah’s adorable face, or to tell our story about him and the excellent care we have received from Children’s Hospital. Tonight, during the evening news, KDKA aired our interview. You can view the video below and click the link to go to their page:


Shortly after seeing himself on TV, Judah’s heart rates again decided to get a bit irregular. The doctors discussed some adjustments to his medication dosages, and will continue to monitor him. They told us that had we actually gone over to the Children’s Home today, they probably would have sent him right back to the CICU once his heart rates started jumping. We, and They, are confident that time and growth will help young Judah get where he needs to be, and right now, we will give him all the time he needs. He continues to be active, playful, and very smiley, as we continue to inch towards coming home.

Our love and thanks to all of you for being with us along this journey.



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  1. just love that smile! baby j is a few days behind my elijah. if you would like to
    meet and have play dates when baby j is well, let me know. always in my prayers

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