Thursday 11/29

Judah has had some great days since his Tracheostomy surgery just over a week ago. Every day he continues to progress, now that he can breath easier. Before the surgery, breathing was difficult for Judah, and he spent a lot of effort, and calories, on just that basic function. Now that he has gone a few days spending a lot less energy on just breathing, the food he takes in can be used to help him heal and grow. He is putting on weight again, this morning weighing in at just over 9lbs. Continue reading

Sunday 11/25

All three of us hope every one of our readers and followers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We received so many prayers and well wishes, and a great Thanksgiving gift of a happy, awake, and healthier looking by the day baby. Judah had a few great days in a row, which meant Mommy and Daddy got to have some very nice days too. He had a few visitors in town this weekend to wish him a happy thanksgiving, and every day since his Trach and G-Tube surgery on Tuesday has had him looking more comfortable, and being more awake and aware. Continue reading

Tuesday 11/20

Judah has been kept very calm and comfortable over the last few days. Tests continue, but he was mainly sedated and resting, waiting for the chance to get in for a couple of operations this week. He continued to get medications to stabilize his heart rate, a breathing tube to assist respiration, and other drugs just to keep him comfortable and without pain.

Today we got to have a much needed good day, after a lot of waiting. It was a busy day for little J, bright and early at 6am he was taken down for an MRI. Continue reading

Sunday 11/18

No rest for the weary in the Intensive Care Unit. After a busy week coming off ECMO and removal of the breathing tube, just one day passed and Judah began having breathing problems again, and quickly had to be placed back on breathing tube support. He has been having a lot of buildup in his chest and lungs, and it is this fluid and mucus that is giving him so many problems breathing. Ideally, a child should never be on a breathing tube, but in some circumstances it becomes necessary. when it is necessary, Continue reading

Wednesday 11/14

While a lot of big things have happened in the last few days, on the surface recovery remains slow, but with progress. On Monday, the doctors felt ready to remove Judah from ECMO, the bypass machine that had been acting as his heart and lungs. They began by slowly turning the machine down to see how Judah’s own organs would take over, and finally were able to turn the machine off completely and let him regain full control of his heart. Continue reading

Sunday 11/11

Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of support, thoughts, prayers, and messages. Judah currently remains on ECMO and life supporting machines, but he is stable, and we, as well as the doctors and nurses all agree that he looks a little better everyday.

Since the cardiac arrest on Thursday morning, Judah has had a number of scans, tests, monitoring, and adjustments. His heart rate has stabilized some, and his heart begins taking a little bit more function away from the machines every day. Continue reading

Thursday 11/8

After the heart cath on tuesday, things were looking good. The doctors showed us x-ray images of the restored functionality to Judah’s pulmonary artery and the increased blood flow to his lungs. Everyone was hopeful that this would help Judah not only breath easier, but have more strength to push forward in his recovery. He was resting well and gaining strength, and although he seemed uncomfortable at times, he was easy to console and soothe – until late last night. Continue reading

Tuesday 11/6

Being away from Children’s hospital for the last 2 weeks has made us forget just how incredible of a place it is, and how much everyone cares for not just the patients, but the families. Since Friday evening we have been back in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital, as Judah’s heart rate and oxygen levels had been dipping and jumping inexplicably. The doctors have been monitoring him and adjusting medication levels, but the key thing they wanted to do was bump up an appointment we already had set for later this month to get Judah into the Cath Lab for a Heart Catheterization. Continue reading

Saturday 11/3

After a pretty eventful week, full of appointments, meetings, and advances in his feedings, Judah had another minor hiccup in the road yesterday. First, to fill you in on the week. After a very good appointment with the cardiologists on Monday, and passing his swallow study with flying colors on Tuesday, Wednesday we met with our team of doctors and therapists to discuss our progress, and the road ahead. Continue reading