11/18/18 – Hitting the fast lane

After a night of restlessness, pokes from nurses and doctors, discomfort, and an xray showing some fluid in the lungs, as the day went on things really turned around for Judah, and his recovery hit the fast lane. His cardiology team is pleased with how he is doing today (aside from the fluid in the lungs), and assuming his x-ray in the morning and overnight goes well, they will try to discharge us from the hospital to head home very soon, possibly as soon as Monday/tomorrow!

Judah was able to get up and out of bed today, and although he is still pretty sore and achy, he’s managing the pain very well, and as the day went on all of his numbers (blood pressure, o2 levels, heart rates, etc) were looking great. He got to walk around the hospital a little, play on the floor by his bed, in the playroom during the Steelers game, and even watch the sunset over Pittsburgh from a corner window.

He will still need a lot of care when he gets home, and we certainly don’t want to rush it if he isn’t ready, but being at home will be much more comfortable, and far less of a risk of infection for Judah than the hospital filled with other sick kids. His chest incision will require some very special care and consideration, both in the immediate as we work extra hard to keep it clean and infection free, but also over the next few months to make sure to keep him safe overall. Judah will need to take it easy for 6+ weeks, no school and limited outside interaction, definitely no contact with anyone who is or has recently been sick.

It would be such an unexpectedly fast turnaround to have had his open heart surgery on Friday, and potentially be discharged home on Monday, but Judah has never been bigger or stronger, and he’s really bouncing back fast. Being home would be much more comfortable and restful for him. The hospital is such a source of fear and anxiety, every time the door opens Judah gets afraid someone is coming to poke or prod him. There is still no guarantee we’re going home so quickly, but due to the amazing care he is receiving, the talents and skills of our incredible cardiac, surgical, and nursing teams at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, his strong will and fighting spirit, and of course all of the love and support we’ve received from all of you, Judah is doing very well on his road to recovery.

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13 thoughts on “11/18/18 – Hitting the fast lane

  1. Good job Judah! Get well faster, so we can come and you can play with Bodhi and Maya! Love you very much! Raya and Ed

  2. I’m so happy to get this encouraging report! Judah ceases to amaz3 me. Best wishes as you look toward heading home.

  3. Amazing update filled with good news, optimism and positive prognosis. Let’s keep it that way. Love

  4. What AMAZING news here!!!! Wow…. yes, who would have thought!!! YESSS, hope Judah can come home as soon as it’s considered safe to do so– I can definitely imagine that he’ll be VERY grateful to be spared all the ‘pokes’ at any time of day or night. Courage to all of you in the months of recovery ahead as Judah continues to heal up.
    Lots of love,

  5. Thanks God for Judah progress in recovery and everybody else involved.
    Judah, get well soon !!!
    Best wishes to Judah and family.
    Love Kaushansky family.

  6. Of course he’s exceeding expectations and recovering like a champ. He is a superhero, after all. Keep up the good work JNJ. Love love love from all of us…

  7. That’s fantastic! Judah is as strong as his name.
    I will keep praying for his recovery and hope that you can go home Monday.

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