Wednesday 1/30

In the last week, Judah has had a few more ups and down, but overall he continues to grow, smile, play, and wait for a chance to get into the Cath Lab. Two weeks ago after a cardiology follow up, Judah was re-admitted to Children’s Hospital from the step down facility we had been at, The Children’s Home. He had been having an atrial flutter and some respiratory issues. After some monitoring, medication adjustments, and time, he stabilized a bit and was ready to get in to the Cath Lab. Continue reading

Tuesday 1/15

Judah has been doing very well the last several days. His heart rates have been stable, and he is playful and happy. He continues to put on weight, and is slowly progressing with his speech and physical therapy – to help him feed properly and to watch his development. He is holding his head up on his own much better than before, and he loves playing with his little fingers and kicking his legs. The last week had been pretty calm, Continue reading

Monday 1/7

A week into the new year, and Judah continues to do very well. Last week was a busy one for all of us, aside from the holiday and celebrating Daddy’s birthday, Judah had a number of appointments and follow ups with his team of doctors. Early in the week he met with his cardiologists, who said he is progressing well, but they see some things that they would like to keep an eye on. Continue reading