Thursday 2/28

The last week of nice and calm days came to an end this week. For almost 10 days in a row, Judah got to relax at the Children’s Home, play all day with mommy and in the evenings with daddy, and not have any doctors appointments, trips to the hospital or emergency room, or any major events. For so many days the three of us got to just be together and not have any worries. Continue reading

Thursday 2/21

This last week has been very laid back and relaxed, with not too much news to report. After just a few nights in the hospital last week, Judah’s heart ratesĀ stabilizedĀ and we returned to the Children’s Home. Since returning he has been doing very well, his days are kept busy with visits from speech and physical therapists, and lots of play time, wiggling and dancing, sitting up, getting tummy time, and reading with mommy. Continue reading

Tuesday 2/5

Judah has left the hospital and returned to The Children’s Home, where the nursing staff had missed him tremendously and were amazed how much he had grown in just two weeks. Last week on Thursday, the doctors were able to get Judah in a day early for his Cath appointment. They kept him in the hospital over the weekend, and as of Monday he was sent back to the Children’s Home, for now. Continue reading