11/17/18 Road to recovery

Pain management was the story of the night for Judah, keeping him comfortable despite a steady stream of doctors and nurses coming to check on him. But after making it through that first night, and only waking up about every 2 hours to ask for more medicine and ask where daddy was (mommy took the first night sleepover while daddy went home), today has been a lot better. Judah is awake and fully aware today, and wants nothing more than to get out of bed.

So far this morning he has gotten almost all of his drainage tubes and IVs out, leaving him with just the minimum remaining so that hopefully soon (once a room opens up) we’ll be able to move out of the Cardiac ICU, and into the general step down cardiac care floor with more space and a bit more privacy.

Judah is a trooper, and the overnight and day in the CICU has been a steady stream of nurses who remember Judah from 6 and 5 years ago coming in and being so amazed with how much bigger he is, and how much he has grown, and how smart he is. It’s nice to get caught up with the nurses we knew from way back then.

The plan for today is to continue to rest, heal, and hopefully sometime this afternoon move out of the CICU.


17 thoughts on “11/17/18 Road to recovery

  1. My thoughts and love are with the three of you. Glad to hear the post surgery is going well. <3

  2. Such a brave boy you are. Praying you are able to get out of the bed very soon. My grandson has a few jokes to ask Judah when he is feeling up to it. β€œWhy are fish bad at basketball?”
    β€œThey’re afraid of the nets!”

    β€œWhy did the monster get a tummy ache?”
    β€œHe was gobbling his food!”

  3. I sure do love that brave boy! And his Mommy and Daddy! Everybody get all the rest you can!!

  4. ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
    Thanks god! Judah please get better soon, you need to reed all those books, to impress us more!

  5. This is such HEARTENING news (pun fully intended!!!). So grateful– and glad he made it through that first very difficult night, and is eager to ‘get moving’ asap!!
    Love you!!!
    Susan Richman

  6. Glad to hear this wonderful news! So happy for Judah and his family.
    Linda Doernberg

  7. I adore your kid, he is a super hero! Tell him I miss him, and next time you hug him do it for a couple extra seconds and tell him it was from me. What an amazing little man! I’m looking forward to every update, and all the progress he’s making to be homeward bound.

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