3/8/16 – 4 days post surgery

Quick update for family, friends, and fans

As Judah’s nurses might expect, his tummy and his need to get out of bed are the biggest issues. Even though he is LIQUORED UP, our little bear fights through it and tries to move around (BIG no no with the breathing tube). And because he’s got plenty of meds going, his belly has stopped. So he’s getting nutrition in a way that’s a bit more invasive.

But he’s been mostly comfortable this week, and our team is AWESOME at problem solving! I feel a bit like the Queen because they really listen to my suggestions and my Judah Knowledge. His numbers have all been good, and ENT is happy with how everything looks. We are, of course, in CICU, so things can get icky and scary at times, but we’re almost done with the first Harry Potter, which helps.

We just have to stay still and quiet for another week, and then we can get crazy again..

Thank you all for your love and prayers. They truly help!!! Thanks to Molly D May and Linda for the pre-hospital gifts! They are getting so much use! And thanks to the whole crew at Carlow University for your generosity. Thanks to all our fairy godmothers – you know who you are. Much love. More soon.


4 thoughts on “3/8/16 – 4 days post surgery

  1. Prayers, prayers and more prayers. Do you need some company? Should I drive up for a day? Can we bring or send anything?


  2. May every passing day bring you closer and closer to the day when the 3 of you happy and healthy will get home. Amen. Love, Menella and Misha

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