Monday 7/29 – Scooting and Stepping

Since our last stay in the hospital two weeks ago, Judah has been on a new heart medication – Digoxin, and it has done a great job at stabilizing his heart rate, and now that he has mostly kicked an infection, he is as happy and playful as can be. Judah continues to make incredible strides in his development, and he is getting more mobile by the minute!

Judah has really been working on his upper body strength (he wants to look good for all the girls he flirts with), and he can now pull himself up and sit up on his own. He’s gotten so strong, that he has moved up to pulling himself up to standing now! He has even begun taking his first assisted steps, as long as he has something (or someone) to hold on to.

After a week of hot weather and thunderstorms, this last few days have been sunny and cool, and we’ve taken every opportunity to get Judah outside to play. His days are still pretty busy with appointments and therapy visits, and when he does get some free time he uses it to work on all of his homework. His homework is generally playing, rolling, sitting and standing, with some occasional piano and drums. Judah is now up to two 1 hour and 50 minute sprints off the vent each day, and his doctors are moving him up quickly by 20 minutes a sprint every few days. Judah continues to do wonderfully on these sprints off the vent, it doesn’t seem to even affect him. During his sprints he especially loves to play outside on the deck with his toys and his dog.


Judah also continues to grow and become a toddler as he rapidly approaches his 11 month birthday. He is much more independent, sitting up and playing with his toys on his own, asking us to be picked up or pointing to toys when he wants to play with something. He is getting out into the world as often as he can, and got to check out his first stores and some live music this last weekend.

Every day he continues to amaze us. He is getting smarter (and cuter) by the minute! We are very excited to be able to share the invitation and some more details about his 1st Birthday Bash and art show coming up on September 28th! Please click on the heart below for details, mark your calendars, and be sure to check back to the 1st Birthday Bash page for any updated news!



Our love

4 thoughts on “Monday 7/29 – Scooting and Stepping

  1. Our Dear J-N-J every day each of you and all of you look more beautiful then day before inside and out. You are such a treasure. You are functioning as a union in your very structured life. You deserve everything the best what life can offer. And we wish to you be healthy, Happy together for many, many years ahead and much more…….

    We love you very much.

    Klava, Isaac, Art.

  2. LOOK AT THAT BIG GUY! We are so proud of him and you 🙂 It’s so exciting to see how much he’s growing! We marked our calendars for his birthday batch! CAN’T WAIT!!
    Elizabeth, Mike & Rachel

  3. How beautiful you are Judah…I keep you in my prayes every day and I know I will dance at your Bar Mitsvah kisses

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