Monday 5/20 – Two Months at Home

It’s pretty hard to believe that tomorrow on 5/21 Judah will have been at home for 2 months already. Although we continue to have at least one doctors appointment that brings Judah back to the hospital every week, in those two months he has only had one brief trip to the emergency room for bloodwork, and not a single re-admission to the hospital. At home, he continues to do wonderfully. He is growing quickly, and learning new things every day. In the last couple of weeks Judah has had several new teeth begin making their way to the surface, possibly 4 or 5 in the top row, with 2 even breaking through just a few days ago. He seems to handle the pain very well, and is a very pleasant and happy teething baby. He is a very pleasant and happy baby overall, only getting cranky or crying a little when he is really tired at the end of the day.

The last few weeks have also brought a lot of developmental changes, as Judah has been working with mommy and his physical therapist on rolling, sitting, and standing. He can sit up very well now, and after a few seconds when he starts to wobble to a side he will correct himself. Today Judah even went straight from sitting to an upright standing position with almost no help! It seems he may skip over crawling all together due to the discomfort of being on his belly. His first steps may be right around the corner!

We continue to get outside and play with Judah as much as possible, and the last couple of weekends have brought some fantastic outings. Last weekend we took Judah to Phipps Conservatory to look at the flowers and butterflies, and he absolutely loved it! He couldn’t stop looking around at all of the brightly colored flowers and smiling at everything.

And just two days ago Judah got to go to the Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival and saw camels and zebras and goats and lambs at his first petting zoo! There were a lot of fun sights as well as getting to see many other kids playing and running around. IMG_4588


Judah also continues to do very well on his CPAP trials, which are now up to 6 hours a day. For three 2 hour sprints throughout the day, we turn Judah’s vent down to the lowest settings, and the doctors are so pleased with his results that every week they continue to add 45 minutes a day (15 minutes to each of the 3 sprints) to his trials. In a few more months when Judah is able to be on CPAP the entire time he is awake, we will begin sprints for a few minutes at a time completely disconnected from the ventilator. Though it will still be some time before that happens, Judah’s progress so far is very encouraging!

We are so proud of our little Judah, and are more amazed with him and his progress every day. Our thanks and love to all of you for your continued strength, support, and love for us, as well as all of your good thoughts and well wishes.


7 thoughts on “Monday 5/20 – Two Months at Home

  1. Just when I think there is no way this kid can get any cuter…he totally does!!!
    I’m so happy I got to hang with Jbear and you guys for a bit. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    NOT surprised by his great progress….he is a rockstar after all….

    Love you all tons.

  2. Go Team Judah! Happy springtime. Nate and Jess – lots of love to you. Was there a time when you didn’t see this day coming? It did and he will continue to amaze you and make you more proud everyday. Y’all rock! I can’t wait for the next update and the next chance to see the little man (if I see you, too, that’ll be a bonus)…

  3. Everything sounds very positive! And nice pictures too. But how could they turn out bad, with the little rockstar in them??!! Thanks for the update,guys! Continued prayers and love for all three of you.

    Carl and Sherry Metz

  4. Loved this wonderful Update message!! AND the wonderful outdoor photos ;-). It is AMAZING to see and learn of all of Judah’s progress– *wonder boy* for sure!!! Especially terrific how well he is doing on his carefully monitored time with the lowest setting on the ventilator– he’s really gaining strength! Haha, after all Judah has been through, I can ‘hear’ him thinking, “Teething? Nothing to it 😉 ” Can’t wait to get to see Judah at Tot Shabbat at Rodef Shalom!!!

    Lots of love to you all,
    Susan Richman

  5. I’m so proud of your little family! You have accomplished so much and with such a positive attitude. Keep up the amazing work! Judah looks so cute and bubbly!

  6. Thank you for the updates and pictures. Wonderful Mother’s Day for you Jess to have your little boy at home. Soon Judah will be running around the park along side the other children. Watching and smiling at him and know you are truly blessed. Love you all.

  7. So glad to hear Judah continues to heal and grow! He is a cutie! Love and prayers,

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