Thursday 2/21

This last week has been very laid back and relaxed, with not too much news to report. After just a few nights in the hospital last week, Judah’s heart rates stabilized and we returned to the Children’s Home. Since returning he has been doing very well, his days are kept busy with visits from speech and physical therapists, and lots of play time, wiggling and dancing, sitting up, getting tummy time, and reading with mommy. In the afternoon and evenings Judah gets some play time with daddy, and then his evening routine of bath-time, and trach care before bed.

We continue to wait a little longer to find out exactly when Judah will get in for surgery, as this entire week his cardiologist as well as his surgeon are at a conference in South Africa. When they return and can discuss with the rest of the team, we hope to find out when they plan on getting Judah in for his next round of repairs.

Although this week has been a lot of waiting to hear when surgery will happen, it has actually been an especially nice week, where Judah had no doctors appointments or trips back to the hospital. In general Judah has several appointments each week, requiring transport back to the hospital – which can be quite an ordeal. This week Judah got to relax. We continue to work with our insurance company, trying to arrange proper care for when we can bring Judah home, but at this point it is likely we will stay at the Children’s Home until we return to the hospital for surgery.

Overall a pretty nice and calm week, Judah’s numbers holding stable, and not much to report, so here are some cute pictures of Judah from the last week:

IMG_3210 IMG_3184 IMG_3122

One thought on “Thursday 2/21

  1. Thank you for sharing the update on Judah. I hope that the week of R&R for Judah did him good! I am sure the special time with Mommy and Daddy did! I love the photo of Judah in his bath towel…he just looks so cute and content.
    I am praying for each of you nightly and hope that we have good news of Judah’s upcoming surgery soon!
    Blessings to each of you,
    Trish Freeman

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