Thursday 9/20

It’s smooth sailing so far in the return to CICU for recovery. Judah finished up a major step in the healing process today – a lot sooner than Mommy and Daddy expected! After heart surgery the doctors generally will leave the chest open for a period of time, but today they decided he was recovering so well that they closed his chest back up early. They will continue to monitor him over the next 24-48 hours before removing the remaining IVs and ventilators and allow his heart and lungs to regain full strength. The nurses made a special note about how strong little Judah is. We should be able to hold him again by early next week, and hopefully he continues to heal up faster and faster so we can all be happy and healthy at home.

Mommy and Daddy were told that it’s best to let the experts do their jobs and that it will be better to be at the hospital in a day or so, so we’re trying to rest up and collect our energy for the healing road ahead. Pretty soon we’ll be able to be with our little Judah every day, so we’re doing our best to let the doctors and nurses give him the help he needs right now.

If you want to send a message to Judah – you can! On a 3″x3″ square of paper, you can write a note, or a prayer or a poem, draw or paste a picture and send it to us. Mommy will then put all the squares together and put them in Judah’s room for him to see the messages from all the people who care about him so much. You can contact us for the address to send them to. We like the messages even more than flowers or gifts.

We can’t thank you all enough for your love, caring and kindness through these days. It’s incredibly helpful to know that during hard times and healing, we are not ever alone. We will be sure to keep your words of hope and healing in our hearts so that we can return that love and graciousness to others in their times of need. We plan to give back the kindness and caring we have received.

Many thanks and much love,