Friday 9/21

Updates have slowed down a little bit for now as there is not too much happening on the surface, however every day is another big step in the road to recovery.

This morning they closed up Judah’s chest. It was kept open to help the body cope with swelling which normally happens after an open heart surgery. Generally the doctors expect this to last 24-48 hours, and for him it was on the lower end. The doctors and nurses are telling us that he is recovering very well, he’s beating the average expectations for the steps he has to take. He will continue to be monitored for the day and night, and we all hope that he will keep progressing as he has, in which case they will be able to continue to move forward even faster than expected. The next step is to remove the breathing tubes helping his lungs to operate. We are hopeful that they will take him off all the machines and the sedation medicines by early next week, and soon after we will be able to hold him again, feed him again, and move him out of the intensive care unit.

This evening, mommy and daddy stopped by to see little Judah. He already looks much better than he did just after surgery. We brought the nurses a cake and a thank you card, and talked to them for a while. Several nurses told us how excited they were that he was recovering so well, because the nurses miss playing with him and cuddling with him – So do we. Tomorrow we will go and visit him again, and we will be sure to keep all of you, our wonderful supporters, updated as things continue.