Surgery is Complete!

We spent the morning after Judah went in to surgery just hanging out in the room, collecting our thoughts, keeping ourselves busy.

Judah was taken back into the surgical room at 11:30am to begin pre-op, getting all the IV lines placed, placing him on heart/lung machines to take over for his organs while he is being operated on, and at 12:30 the doctor came in and made the first incision.

We were updated at about 3pm that the surgery to repair little Judah’s heart was mostly complete, and at this point all that remained was some testing to make sure blood flows the way it is supposed to, and then some monitoring while they warm up the room.

Just a few minutes ago, at about 4:30, the chief of surgery Dr Morell himself came out and told us that the surgery was a success and went very smoothly. They are in the process of finishing him up. Judah will be back in the room around 5:30, and they will let us know if we should go back and see him shortly after.

Thanks in no small part to all of your thoughts and prayers and support, so far the surgery seems to have been successful. there is still a road to recovery yet to come, and the boy will still be sedated and on life support for a little while longer until his own body is fully ready to take over, hopefully in the next 24-48 hours. But this is wonderful news, and gets us one giant step closer to going home and a normal life.

Thank you all very much, and more updates as we get more information about his recovery and what it will involve.