Thursday 10/4

Up on the 8th floor, it is a world of difference from the ICU. Up here, aside from having a door we can close and our own private bathroom, the nurses and doctors are much more laid back. Someone stops in to check on us every 2-3 hours, instead of every 2-3 minutes like in the ICU. Although we loved the attention we were getting in the ICU, it’s an incredible relief to have some privacy and calm. The nurses down here are just as nice as the ones downstairs, and they are also just as in love with Judah as the ones downstairs were. Otherwise, everything is so free and open compared to being in Intensive Care.

Judah is recovering pretty well. Still getting a few medicines orally, his big hurdle now is becoming a viking again when it comes to eating. He has been eating from a bottle pretty well, but many patients as young as he is, have difficulty post surgery eating due to the stress of the surgery, and having a breathing tube in. he had a breathing tube put in, taken out, put back in, and taken out again, and that can cause a lot of irritation to the esophagus. He is working with a couple of therapists and going through a couple of very routine procedures and common tests to help him re-learn how to swallow properly again. Every doctor and nurse tells us that almost all heart surgery babies go through the same thing. It takes a little learning on mommy and daddy’s part too, but as time goes on we will all get better at feedings. He is still drinking mommy’s milk though, of which she has so much extra she will be donating to a milk bank for other babies who need it.

Otherwise, we continue to recover, all 3 of us. Mommy and Daddy are happy to get to spend so much time being with baby J without all the craziness around, and now that things have slowed in pace so much, they can even rest a little themselves. As we say, there is still so much left, and while we are still in the hospital for a while longer and are not out of the woods yet, every day we can spend more time holding and playing with Judah, is a wonderful day.