Saturday 10/6

Hello and welcome back to all of our faithful followers. Baby J had another great day today, medically boring other than a few of his medicines being turned down even further. The doctors are trying to get him off as many medicines as they can before he goes home, but he will still probably be on a few that mommy and daddy will have to continue giving to him for a few more weeks once we are finally sent home.

After a calm and easy night, he had a lot of excitement this afternoon when he got to see gramma and grampa K, daddy’s best friend Ron stopped by for a very exciting surprise visit, and he got to skype with both his Aunt Rema all the way across the world, and his Great Gramma Klara!

Tonight he gets to stay one more night with daddy, and the nurses were even nice enough to hook little J up to the wireless monitoring system for a little while so they could take a walk around the hospital floor! They didn’t get to go too far, as they are not allowed to leave the 8A wing, but it was nice to get out into the hallway and say hello to the nurses and doctors at their desks instead of at our bedside.

Tomorrow will bring a few more out of town guests to visit little Judah. And while we are excited to be able to have visitors, we must stress again that visitation is still extremely limited, and coming in contact with any kind of illness would send him immediately back to the ICU and possibly sedation and a breathing tube again, so mommy and daddy are being very protective of their baby, and visitation is still very limited. Once we get home, we would love to have more people come to visit him, but we will have to stagger it, so that he does not come in contact with anyone who is sick or even might be a little bit sick, and so that he does not get too much excitement as his tiny heart is still recovering from a major repair. For now we continue to appreciate and get our own strength from your love, prayers, and kindness. We cannot wait to celebrate with you all someday, hopefully in the near future under continued calm and quiet conditions.

our love,