Wednesday 10/3 – Moving Day!

A huge update for baby Judah today, he was moved out of the CICU and up to the 8th floor! He has been doing so much better over the last few days, that this morning the doctors even took out the PICC line in his arm that he got when he first came here. He now has just one line left, a Broviac line that isn’t hooked up to anything, only being used to take blood when they need it, much like the original PICC line was.

After such a calm night, and another calm boring day, the nurses in the CICU were very sad to see him go, but promised they’d still come up to visit. At noon today, little wonderbear got moved to his new room, up on the 8th floor. The rooms up here are private, with actual doors! We even have our own bathroom! soon, Judah will be placed on wireless monitors, and we will be able to pick him up and walk around the floor with him. It is a completely new world from living in the Intensive Care Unit. the nurses and assistants keep bringing up toys and swings for the baby to play with!

However, we do not want to get too comfortable here, and continue looking forward to the day we can bring Judah the Lionheart home. We are hopeful that our stay in Hotel Children’s Hospital is coming to an end in the next week or two, but it will all depend on how J continues to take his food, and as long as he keeps all of his other vitals in check.