Sunday 9/23

Big things happening in the CICU today. When mommy and daddy came to visit our little WonderBear today, he was awake for the first time. This afternoon the nurses removed his ventilator tube, and said he was doing very well. his recovery is really starting to take shape, as every day he looks far better than the day before. He is still getting some oxygen, though it is only through a tube under his nose. through the night tonight the nurses will slowly begin reducing the amounts of oxygen he gets to see how he does on his own, and once he is off the oxygen completely they will be able to begin feeding him again.

The nurses told us that some kids have problems feeding after a major surgery like this, but the fact that Judah was such a good eater before the surgery (he truly does take after his mom and dad) was a very hopeful sign. We may be able to go straight to bottle feeding with all the breastmilk that mommy has been stockpiling for him over the last few days.

Although he was awake and a little more active today, he still is only active for a few minutes at a time, as it takes a lot out of him, and he is still being slowly weaned off the heavy sedatives he has been on. Coming off these post operation drugs is a bit like a drug addict coming off whatever they are addicted to, it is a slow process so that they body does not go through withdrawal. But little J’s nurses have said that he is doing fantastically, and continues a very smooth and on track recovery.

Tomorrow, mommy will begin going back to the hospital every day as if it were her job, she will wake up in the morning and go be with him, read to him, feed him and just provide love and support. In the afternoons she will head home and then Daddy will take the second shift after work, spending the afternoons and evenings with him. We will continue to spend every possible minute with him until he is moved out of the ICU up to the 8th floor, the regular cardiology wing, which will give us a more private room, with a bigger bed instead of just a chair for us, and we will probably begin spending our nights with him again.

We continue to pray for his speedy recovery, and we know along with your thoughts and prayers we will all have the strength to continue on. Thank you all for checking in, reading our updates, and being with us in heart and soul.