Monday 9/24

Our recovery slowed down a little bit today. Judah is still being strong and doing well, but he’s been having a little bit of a difficulty breathing as deeply as he should, so the doctors decided to keep him on a CPAP mask for the day, instead of the high flow tube under his nose. This is a minor speedbump on his road to recovery, but the extra monitoring may have set him back a day in getting out of the ICU. However even a small step back like that comes with other steps forward. Baby J was able to take several steps down on the heaviest medicines he is on, which helps him get closer to gaining his own strength.

This morning Mommy spent all day with her little Judah bear, reading to him and holding his hand and talking lovingly to him. He sleeps most of the time, but occasionally when he wakes up he is a little cranky because he is still out of it a little bit and recovering from the narcotics, but even when he cries it’s just a cute little peep and he goes back to sleep.

This afternoon after work Daddy came by to visit little J as well, and got to spend several hours with him. They hung out, looked around the room a little bit, listened to music, and talked about life. The nurses told daddy about all the machines he is still hooked to, and told him about the plan for the next few days, which basically includes a lot more watching and waiting, and depending on how he does with his oxygen intake they will try to take the mask off of him and let him try to eat. The nurses really want him to recover soon, so they can hold him and snuggle with him, but as soon as we are able to hold him and snuggle, the nurses will have to get in line behind mommy and daddy.