Saturday 9/22

Another day of checking in on Judah and following his recovery. Today he moved forward yet again, and was able to come off of several of his IV drips. He is still on the ventilator today, but the nurses told us that they’ve been lowering the amount of air going in as his body takes over. They want to keep him on the ventilator just one more night to keep an eye on him and make sure they don’t take him off too early.

We sat with him for a while today, and talked to him and prayed with him. It’s very nice and warm in his room, so the nurse said she spent all day sitting with him and talking to him too. The nurses assured us that although there still isn’t much to look at, and he’s not looking too different on the surface, he has been making leaps and bounds in his recovery as far as the medicines he no longer needs, and how much function he is taking on his own.

Mommy and Daddy are still staying strong and confident for him, and he is doing a very good job of being tough through this whole recovery process. Once they remove the ventilator tomorrow, they will begin on getting him to take food again, and depending on how well he eats once he starts waking up, will determine how much longer we have to stay in the ICU. Right now we are expecting another 4-5 days if he continues to progress the way he has.

Please continue to be strong for us, and keep us in your thoughts and prayers. He, and we, continue to heal with your support.