Sunday 3/10 – 6 Months old!

Our little Judah bear is truly a rock star! Every day since his surgery has been a little better and seen little J progress quickly. After his first major surgery, it took him close to 2 weeks to recover well enough that we were able to hold him, but this time, just 5 days after his surgery he is awake and aware, off all of his post operation medications, and able to sit up, kick and swat at his toys, and even be held and nap in our laps again. He truly is a remarkable kid, and has taken every challenge thrown at him and smiled throughout. 

Today we celebrated Judah’s 6 month birthday! Gramma and Grampa brought a banner and a cake, and he got several new toys and outfits, though since we are still in the CICU, only 2 people can be with him at any time, so we had to celebrate in small shifts. He is awake almost all day, and sleeps through the night, just like he did before surgery. Judah still gets worn out pretty quickly, and tries to grab at his new incision sites, knowing something has changed, but he is begginning to feel much more comfortable and happy. With the tooth coming in, and still being so close to his recent surgery, it is understandable that occasionally he does have some pain and discomfort, and while he is not yet smiling as much as he was before his surgery, he is quickly getting his happy and smiley personality back.

IMG_3491 IMG_3482

For now we continue on in the CICU, where many of Judah’s old girlfriends come by to play with him and get smiles out of him, but as his recovery pushes on, we look forward to what may be coming next. When we leave the hospital will depend on a number of ongoing issues, insurance companies, home nursing, and a number of medical supply companies getting us and our house ready for Judah. Most importantly though, it depends on Judah and when he is recovered and ready. We do not want to rush him only to return to the hospital, but we do look forward for the next phase of finally bringing Jbear home, which we hope will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, thoughts, and love.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 3/10 – 6 Months old!

  1. Love that big smile on Judah’s face and love that he is doing so well. I know you are thrilled beyond words to get to hold his little body close again!
    Hope everything goes well in trying to get things set up at home. I know you are excited, but as you have already said….”don’t rush him.” His tiny little body has already been through more than you and I have put together probably!
    Still sending you prayers, and kiss that baby’s little smiley face for me, would you? I could just eat him up!!
    Love and prayers,
    Trish Freeman

  2. He is soooooooooooooooooo adorable! I love all the pictures. I love that he’s holding his monkey just chillaxin reading a book. And of course, I love that smile!! Happy six months little dude! Keep up the good work on the recovery. You’re such a rockstar!

  3. Happy Birthday Judah! Glad all is going well! You guys are amazing!
    Love and prayers,
    Carl and Sherry Metz

  4. Happy, happy birthday Judah! What a wonderful milestone! It must have been a great day for the family!!

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