Saturday 3/16

When we returned to the CICU following Judah’s most recent surgery just 12 days ago, we were welcomed back into a room we have spent a lot of time in, the same room we were in after Judah was readmitted from The Children’s Institute back in November. The room we spent over 45 days in after Judah has his first cath, and subsequently his cardiac arrest, ECMO, and Tracheostomy. Despite all of the things that have happened in this room, we have also spent a lot of time healing, recovering, and growing in this room, and that is exactly what we want to happen in there now. Judah continues to rest and recover in this room once again.

In the almost 2 weeks since Judah’s surgery, he has looked better and stronger every day. His incisions are healing nicely, his breathing is easier, and he is becoming the happy and playful baby we know and love again. Although most days are better than the last, and physically Judah looks healthier and happier, his heart continues to have some arrhythmias and occasional wild swings in rate. The doctors continue to monitor and adjust his pacemaker, and have also had to restart some low doses of some of the anti-arrhythmic medications he was taking. The process of finding the right combination may take a little while, as some of the old medications may still be working their way out of his system.

IMG_3541 IMG_3577

Despite the confusion Judah’s heart is having, you would almost never know by looking at his face. He is still in recovery, so he gets worn out pretty quickly, but when he is up and active, he loves to smile and laugh, play with his toys, kick his feet, and sit up to look out of his room at all of the activity and nurses coming by to love on him and blow him kisses. Judah is back up to his full volumes of breastmilk, and thanks to his g-tube, did not lose very much weight at all after surgery. Now that the other big hole in his heart (his ASD) has been closed, his breathing and oxygen levels have gotten much better. The doctors have even begun trying to wean Judah off of the oxygen to get him just onto room air. This is a monumental step in the process of getting him off the ventilator, but adjusting to the difference will take some time and work.

Mommy and Daddy continue to stay strong with Judah, and we thank all of you for being strong for us.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 3/16

  1. God bless. Keep up the good work littleman and you will be home in no time.

  2. Crimony those are some cute pics!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day Judah K. I’m going to have a glass of wine in your honor today.

  3. So happy to hear the continuing good news on Judah’s after-surgery progress. He looks so happy and smiley in his pictures. If he can look that way now, we will have to get out of his way once he is totally recovered from his procedure!
    I know Mommy and Dad must be near exhaustion, but keep up the good work. It ‘s obvious that Judah has fantastic parents who love him to distraction! That, in itself, is a wonderful thing.
    Can’t wait to hear more good news from Judah!
    Always prayerfully,
    Trish Freeman

  4. Glad everything is going well. Stay strong Judah.

    Carl and Sherry Metz

  5. He is so adorable. His pictures make me so happy. Praying hard and thinking of your sweet family.

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