Thursday 3/7

Judah continues to progress smoothly. In the last couple of days the doctors have weaned him off all of the sedatives and painkillers, and he is now resting comfortably and getting only occasional tylenol for pain. The doctors were able to remove all of the IVs except for one central line they will use to draw blood for testing and give medication through. Yesterday they started slowly feeding him with mommy’s breast milk again, and today he is already back up to his normal daily volume. He truly does look good. 

The big news in Judah’s recovery is that since the operation, the doctors have discontinued all of the anti-arrhythmic and blood pressure medications, and the pacemaker has taken over in helping to keep Judah’s heart beating properly and smoothly. As the days have gone on, and the settings on the pacemaker continue to be adjusted,  Judah’s heart is getting stronger.

Possibly even bigger news than that, is that Judah is getting his first tooth! The first tooth in the bottom row has broken through his gums. And it couldn’t have chosen a better time since Judah has been on pain medicine and tylenol so it doesn’t hurt him as much. He does enjoy feeling the tooth himself and making faces because of it.


He seems still a bit concerned and confused about what has just happened, but overall he looks to be very comfortable, and not in a lot of pain. All of his favorite nurses have come by and they can’t wait to be able to squeeze him again. Every day Judah is awake a bit more, and today he even gave smiles and said “hi” to everyone. Hopefully by this weekend we will be able to hold him again. Judah thanks everyone for the love and support, and can’t wait to smile at all of you too.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 3/7

  1. Praise be to God! What an incredible story. Judah’s story is topped only by how cute he is! I continue to keep the three of you in my prayers.

  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am about all of Judah’s good news. He looks so good in this picture! His skin has pinkened up nicely after surgery and he looks like a healthy boy! I am praying for you that you get to hold him again soon!! Give him love and kisses from me!
    Trish Freeman

  3. Way to go little man. You will be in mommy and daddy’s arms very very soon. Look out world, this little cutie is well on his way to a long and healthy life.God bless all of you and can not wait to hear you are on your way home. Well keep you in my prayers….

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