Saturday 9/15 – Morning

Baby J had his first Shabbat last night, he helped mommy and daddy and gramma and grampa light candles (they were LED candles of course), and they did their blessings over the wine and challah. After everybody left, it was a pretty quiet night in the CICU, and at one point around 1am, mommy got up to go to the bathroom, and when she got back to the room baby was not in his bed. The nurses had taken him back to the nurses station to have a little baby parade with him and dance with him and play with him. Little Judah was active all night, looking all around and making noises at mommy and the nurses. Everyone loves him!

This morning the nurses made a little mobile to put in his room for him to look at and play with, and daddy brought him several more cute outfits, though honestly, he seems to prefer being naked, and who could blame him! Everyone is doing well, spirits are high, and we expect a nice quiet day for just the 3 of us.

Tomorrow our little baby Mishka will get to meet his Aunt Rema and Uncle Josh for the first time! He is already looking forward to getting a diaper all filled up so Rema can change it for him. He has even begun picking out the perfect outfit for them, and you’d be surprised how tough his choices are! We will celebrate Rosh Hashanah together and ring in the Jewish New Year. If anything new happens today, there will be more updates!

Thank you again to everyone for checking in and being with us. We love you all.