Saturday 9/15 – Night

Another quiet day in the CICU for us.

Today Judah had a visit from the pediatrician, who came by just to run some routine newborn tests since we got whisked away from Magee Hospital so quickly after he was born. After a few reflex and reaction tests, and the other routine tests she performed, she declared that Judah passed everything with flying colors.

Jess and Nate got to spend a few hours together with the baby, just playing and laying and we even got to read a book! Nate read the classic Dr Seuss book “Yertle the Turtle” to little J, and I think we all learned several important life lessons from it.

Doctors and nurses continued coming through our room today just to tell us one more time how well Judah is doing while waiting to get in for surgery, which is still planned for next week. We think they really came in just to get another look at his cute face, and we can’t blame them for that.

Judah even got his first Air Guitar lesson today, and we think he picked it up like a pro. He also discovered that he has a thumb, and that it tastes delicious. We are scared of what will happen when he realizes he actually has two of them!

Tonight little Judah will spend the night with daddy, and after a couple of feedings, and a couple of dirty diapers, we are pretty tired, pooped even. Tonight also starts the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and Judah, as well as Jess and Nate wish you all L’Shana Tova, to have a good year. Hold those you love dear, and even though there are trying and difficult times occasionally, be grateful for what, and who you have. Goodnight, and we love you all.