Friday 9/14

Today Judah had a very relaxing day. He and daddy had several feedings in the middle of the night, and daddy got to hold him and feed him from the bottle with the breastmilk mommy left for us. It was a slow night in the CICU, so every one of the night nurses fought to be the nurse that got to feed him. one feeding, at 6am, the nurse was supposed to wake daddy up, and after gently whispering “wake up” once, she decided to feed baby J herself and rocked him and sang to him and even tried to steal him. I think Judah already has his first girlfriend.

around 9am this morning the doctors decided that he was feeding from a bottle just fine, and decided to remove the last remaining IV from his umbilical cord, leaving only the new PICC line in his arm, which is only connected if they need to take blood. So mommy and daddy are able to pick him up and hold him whenever they want now that he is almost fully untethered.

since then, he’s spent a lot of time this afternoon sleeping on daddy. and feeding with daddy. The nurses and doctors said he was very good all night, and is actually holding his weight really well. This afternoon mommy came by after having a nice night of rest at home with her sister and mom, and a day of mini pampering to help her relax. she came by and immediately was able to hold baby J and give him lovings. Aunt Rachel and Gramma Sandy got to spend some time with the baby, and even changed a diaper or two, and then Gramma Luba and Grampa Mark got to spend some time alone with the baby, while they gave Jess and Nate a minute to go and get some food together and to talk and laugh, which they needed.

The only real new developments are not really much of an update at all for today, one of the head surgeons who will be performing the surgery next week stopped in to tell us that the surgical team is still reviewing his files, but they are already confident in their plan of action. he reassured us with his confidence, and his calm, detailed explanations. the surgical team will continue to meet this weekend, and on Monday should come back to us with all the detailed information and pictures about his upcoming surgery, which is still scheduled for next wednesday, unless some other emergency or higher risk patient comes in.

Tonight, Judah will spend the night with mommy while daddy goes home to rest, feeding every few hours and just sleeping in his bed next to her.

For the record, Judah had 3 separate outfit changes today, and each one was cuter than the last. check the gallery soon for pictures.

goodnight everyone, from Nate, Jess and little baby J.