Sunday 10/7

Another smooth day in recovery. Today, like every day, brought a steady stream of nurses coming in to see the cutest baby on the floor. Judah’s recovery keeps moving ahead, even though at this point that really just means no steps back.

The doctors decided to give him a little extra fortification in his breastmilk meals, to help him gain a little bit of weight. Although he has not really lost any weight, he has not gained as quickly as he should have because of not eating for so long after the surgery, but he is now getting back on the right track. Two of his medicines are going from being given twice a day, down to just once a day. A chest x-ray this morning showed everything normal and no fluid going in to his lungs, and tomorrow he will have the test he was supposed to get on Friday to look into his esophagus and see if the doctors feel he will continue having problems with his feedings or if he is getting stronger on his own.

Today also brought a number of visitors. An entire contingent from Cleveland who came and brought lunch and love. We hung out in the giant Atrium at Children’s Hospital watching football and eating and laughing and playing, while groups of 1 or 2 would come up to meet and visit with little baby J. Everyone took every possible precaution to make sure they were germ free, and Judah got to meet a bunch of his loving family. It was a lot of excitement for him, as well as for Mommy and Daddy, but it went very smoothly. We continue to hope and pray that soon he will be out of the hospital and be able to meet even more of his dedicated fans and loving family (which we consider you all to be).

Tonight Mommy will take over staying nights again with Judah, while Daddy goes home to get some rest. The nurses have told us how wonderful we are being, and all the good we are doing by spending so much time with him, and that they rarely see a family as loving as ours.

Tomorrow will be another day in Judah’s recovery, and yet another day closer to eventually bringing our baby boy home.