11/16/18 Surgery day – all done

Surgery is complete. Judah did fantastically today. His amazing team said everything went very smoothly, with the main part – the conduit replacement procedure taking about 3 hours. Judah went on and came off intubation and heart/lung bypass without issue, and they were able to implant a 16mm homograft conduit to replace his 10mm conduit placed when he was just 6 months old.

The plan for tonight is to rest, and manage his pain. Although he still has a few IVs, a central line, plenty of drainage tubes and more, he is sleeping comfortably and looks great. Tomorrow we will begin our recovery for real, and continued pain management as he starts to wake up a bit through the night and morning.

We honestly and truly appreciate all the love, support, prayers, and good vibes sent our way today. We definitely felt the love, and know Judah did too. More to come as we rest and begin to heal in the coming days.

All our love


17 thoughts on “11/16/18 Surgery day – all done

  1. BEST NEWS EVER!!!! I had zero doubt that he will bust out his super powers and do amazing!!!

  2. Continued prayers and best wishes for you all. He’s an amazing little boy and he has amazing parents.

  3. I am so happy to hear everything went well! Many prayers for a speedy recovery! Love you Judah!!!

  4. So happy for Judah’s successful surgery! Wishing Judah a very speedy recovery!

  5. Wonderful news! Grateful for the skill and compassion of his medical team. Prayers and blessings to you all ❤️

  6. Thanks G-D for the first and probably most important/complicated part of Judah’s journey. We are absolutely sure that the little fighter will have a speedy recovery and become his usually self. Be strong and patient.
    With love and respect,

  7. May God be with you always! Great news, I hope he will continue progressing in good health! Love you guys, could not stop thinking of all of you! Raya and Ed.

  8. Hurray! He is going to recover faster than you will. You need to take care of yourselves so you can take care of him when he comes home. And watching him thrive will lift you up. God bless you all. 💕

  9. Thrilled to hear the surgery went well. Will continue to pray for all of you to be strong during Judah’s recovery process.

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