11/16/18 Surgery Day – update 1

Today is the day. At about 1pm today Judah was taken back for his 3rd open heart surgery. Stay tuned for updates as we hear from the surgical and cardiac teams, but likely not much news for many hours. The surgery itself will take 4 hours or more, not including the pre-op and post-op steps, so it will likely be at least 6 hours+ before we get to see Judah again when he makes it to a recovery room. We feel all of your thoughts, prayers, and love, and it gives us strength.


15 thoughts on “11/16/18 Surgery Day – update 1

  1. I just went through some surgery and treatment myself but this sure does put everything into perspective. You are all in my prayers every day!

    • Dearest Judah,
      Charlie and I hold you in our hearts and prayers…. You are an amazing little kid with amazing parents and off you go to a good recovery
      Pauline and Charlie Davis

  2. Our thoughts are with Judah and your family! Wishing your wonderful son the best of luck with the surgery and a very quick recovery!
    Alla and Boris Goldberg.

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