Wednesday 5/7 – Awake, but not really

Recovery moves slowly sometimes in the CICU, where Judah has been since his surgery back on May 1st. But yesterday and today some major signs of improvement have been seen. Yesterday morning after removing Judah’s IV lines, the doctors finally took him off of the sedation medications and the heavy pain killers. Judah is awake, but very groggy after several days of being kept paralyzed and under heavy sedation.


While still pretty out of it, being awake is a great step forward. Doctors were able to change his trach out for the first time since surgery, and it looks like he is healing very well. His tummy is still very upset and he is not able to hold down food just yet, but we will be moving as slowly as he needs to recover fully. At this rate it looks like we will not be home this week, but hopefully a few more days under close observation and plenty of rest and fluids and Judah will be back up to regular strength. We continue to try to get him off ventilator support again and starting his feeds slowly, so we can work on coming home.

A wonderful Harp session from the lovely staff at Child Life, while Gramma and Grampa give some love

A wonderful Harp session from the lovely staff at Child Life, while Gramma and Grampa give some love

This stay in the CICU has been exhausting for all three of us, but we remain strong and steady, and with every sign of improvement from Judah we are recharged and invigorated. Please continue to keep Judah and all three of us in your thoughts, and with time the good news will continue.

Our Love,


13 thoughts on “Wednesday 5/7 – Awake, but not really

  1. Still praying for Judah each day that he heals quickly and moves closer to going home and back to his normal routine. It is so hard to see his little body lying there so still under sedation, but I don’t have to tell you that….you are his mother!

  2. I’ve been watching Judah’s progress over the last several days. That little guy is a true inspiration. Thinking about you guys and hoping for a smooth recovery.

  3. Special prayer will be perform this coming Saturday at the synagogue in Israel.

  4. Thank you so much for the updates. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you always. Make sure the two of you get some rest. With love, Marian

  5. Thinking of Judah and wishing for a smooth recovery. Jess and Nate you guys are also in my thoughts. Many hugs to Judah!!

  6. Thinking about you every day. Be strong and get your energy to little Judah

  7. Dear Jessica and Nate, thank you for update. We wore starving for the news about Judah’s condition from you. We are thinking, praying, hoping for Judah’s quick and full recovery. J-N-J you such a strong, loving, absolutely wonderful unit. We hope soon you will be able to bring our baby home. We all wishing you everything the best. We love you all very much.

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