Sunday 5/4 – May the Fourth (be with you)

Not too many changes going on with Judah the last couple of days. He continues to rest peacefully and heal. Most of the time Judah is medically sedated, but occasionally he will wake up a little bit and try to roll over and get out of bed. Being just a few days out from surgery his wounds are still very fresh and any movement at all is not only painful for him, but could also cause irritation and tearing to his surgical sites. Overnight Judah did his best to escape his hospital bed, and the doctors decided to go up a little bit on his pain and sedation medications to keep him a bit more paralyzed for now.

The plan for the next few days is more of the same, allowing him to rest and heal while managing his pain, and then slowly weaning him off of the medications. In the next couple of days, depending on how well Judah is doing, the doctors will change out his trach for the first time and get a much better look at his reconstructed trachea and incisions. His chest/ribs where they took the cartilage for the artificial graft in his neck is healing wonderfully, and we hope the same for his trachea.


For now we hope to slowly continue weaning Judah off of the ventilator, medications, and keep him on his home schedule of meds and feeding. Recovery will take time, but we are able to continue pushing through it thanks to our incredible doctors and nurses, and of course the love and support we receive from all of you.

Our love and thanks,


8 thoughts on “Sunday 5/4 – May the Fourth (be with you)

  1. Seeing the picture of Judah sedated and asleep brings a big lump to my throat. I realize it is necessary for one his age, but it is a real eye-opener. He was so happy and full of life in his last pictures before surgery, and just to see him this way brings tears to any Mother’s eyes.
    I pray that Judah will heal quickly and get back to his old laughing self in no time, but my brain tells me this will take sometime. He has come such a long way from my first introduction to him, and I hope some day soon to see everything come to fruition and Judah get his trach out.
    I pray for you all each and every day/night. Please give Judah a loving hug and kiss from me!

  2. I cannot stop thinking about you and Judah. I pray these days pass swiftly for you and his progress is as rapid as possible. Wishing you strength and patience.

  3. I wish Judah speedy recovery! You both are very brave people! I love you, babushka Klara.

  4. Thank you for the frequent updates and photos. We are praying for a swift and complete recovery. Judah’s strength and perseverance are an inspiration.
    Love to you all. Gail and Rebecca

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! I miss you! Say hello to my furry friends for me. 🙂

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