Thursday 3/28 – Judah’s First Week Home!

Judah has been home for exactly one week now, and he already loves being here. We only had to go back to the Emergency Room one time this week, and we were only there for a few hours so the doctors could run some blood tests (all of which came back normal). There has certainly been a lot to get used to for mommy and daddy, and it may take a couple of weeks to get into a regular schedule again, but Judah certainly seems to prefer being home to being at the hospital, and so do we. At home we still having nursing help, from 11pm to 7am a nurse comes by to watch him and give him his medications overnight so mommy and daddy can sleep. From 7am to 3pm, a different nurse comes by to spend the day with him and help mommy take care of him and play with him, and allow her the chance to run errands and take care of herself and the house while daddy is at work. from 3pm to 11pm mommy and daddy are in charge of Judah, and that’s when daddy gets time to play with Judah, and we both take care of all of his needs, including bath time, trach care, feedings, medications, and anything else we can fit in. It’s a tight schedule, but it is becoming routine again and soon will be second nature.

Being at home gives all of us the opportunity to do many things we could not do in the hospital, including getting on the floor to play, sleeping in a real crib, moving from room to room, and getting kisses from the doggie. Judah and his dog Rider have become very good friends already, and Rider guards Judah and watches over him every chance he gets. The cat seems to be aware that there is a new person in the house, but he doesn’t pay much attention, in fact, he is even happier now that there is someone else to distract the dog.



This first week was very important in allowing us to get a feel of what normal life with a child is like, and although Judah requires a lot more care, attention, and supervision than a completely healthy child, we are more than happy to lavish all of our attention on his smiling face. On Monday Judah will be 4 weeks out from his last open heart surgery, and we can tell by his smiling face and kicking feet that he is feeling much better and recovering very well.


The coming days and weeks will bring more changes as we begin to have more doctors appointments that we will have to pack him up in the car for, and we will work with therapists in the home to try to get back on track with feeding and physical therapy. Although it takes a long time to pack up Judah and his equipment onto his special Kid Cart stroller, hopefully soon the weather will finally turn nicer and we will be able to take Judah for walks around the neighborhood and to the park. We look forward to updating all of you with more of the interesting and fun new experiences we will share together.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday 3/28 – Judah’s First Week Home!

  1. So happy to see that everyone is settling in nicely and love the photo of Rider give Judah kisses!! Every little man needs his dog!

    I know there is a lot involved in caring for Judah, but I am sure it feels good to be able to do it in your own home. He looks happy and content and that is so important…for Judah and for Mommy and Daddy!!

    I am sure it will be more difficult as Judah has to be taken to further appointments for the nutritionist and physical therapy, but remember this too shall pass. It is only temporary in the grand scheme of things. Judah is doing amazingly well getting acclimated on a schedule and getting Mommy and Daddy on a schedule after only one week at home!

    I am so happy for all of you and look forward to more good reports on your little family. Things can only get better from here!!

    My love and prayers,

    Trish Freeman

  2. Very happy for all of you guys, one step at the time, but I can tell, how much happier Judah is. Lets hope that he will come off the breathing tube and you’ll have an opportunity to play real with him, I hope he liked books I send him with Luba and Mark. Good luck and take care of yourself and this precious little boy! Love Raya.

  3. There is truly no place like home! We are very happy for you !

    Love and prayers,
    carl and sherry metz

  4. It is such a delight to see Judah’s happy face and realizing how happy he is to be home with his parents. It is very adorable to see him interacting with the dog. Please keep posting more of these wonderful pictures. May your home and everyone in your family be blessed with health and happiness. Love Menella and Misha

  5. Rejoicing with you in these days of new beginnings! Delighted that he had Yoda as a buddy on the trip home…the Force of love is powerful in this young one! May love surround you all!

    Pastor Arlene

  6. Judah is perfect, the dog is perfect,and life is good. We hope that we will be able to see the little warier soon. We know that you are strong and can deal with any situation.
    Love you all,
    Klara & Fima Katselnik

  7. So great to see J bear at home! Love that he’s bonded with the dog already! Love reading the happy updates! Hugs and prayers!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your little angel home! Best wishes for improved health and much happiness every day!
    Patty B

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