Thursday 12/4 – Holiday seasons begin and a taste of Winter

In the six weeks or so since the last update, things have been going very smoothly for Judah. He has stayed healthy, happy, playful, and a true joy to everyone who knows or meets him. In the last few weeks the end of Fall has given way to the start of Winter, which brought us Halloween and Thanksgiving, but has also taken away all the pretty leaves outside and left us with colder temperatures and our first taste of snow too. 


Winter and Flu season make it difficult to take Judah out of the house, especially to places with lots of people – and around Holiday season that’s basically everywhere. But Judah makes the most out of his days – playing at home, trips to the Library and Museum, Gramma and Grampa’s houses, and thankfully far fewer visits to the hospital for appointments. A small bug here or there aside, Judah has stayed pretty healthy since being pulled out of daycare.

And while he spends a lot more time at home in the winter, he still gets to read, learn new words, play and have lots of fun with all of his toys. He especially loves making faces in the mirror and throwing things over the baby gate.

The end of the year brings lots of Holidays and time for family and celebration. For Halloween (Mommy’s favorite holiday), we had an incredible Robin Williams Tribute theme, and Judah was the cutest Mork anyone had ever seen. Mommy as Mrs. Doubtfire and Daddy as The Genie were pretty awesome too. Mommy and Daddy even got to have a fancy night out at the Zachary’s Mission Gala, an amazing organization that’s very close to our hearts. And before we knew it Thanksgiving was here and although we couldn’t see all of our loved ones from near and far together, Judah did get to see his Grammas and Grampas and give and get lots of hugs and kisses.

This year has brought a lot of change and growth for Judah, as well as plenty of therapy sessions, doctor visits, and even a major surgery. His sign language vocabulary continues to increase and we look ahead to new methods and devices to help him communicate since he cannot make any noise. We continue to work on feeding by mouth as Judah becomes more experimental with what he’s willing to try and taste, and we work hard to get Judah breathing without his trach – however these are major challenges that sometimes make big leaps forward and other times seem to step backwards. Judah gets through all the hard work with a smile and a laugh, and almost never shows signs of frustration or anger – unless he is tired or fussy; he is still 2 years old after all. Despite everything we put him through and how hard he has to work and push, he powers through and keeps moving forward.

As the end of 2014 approaches and the Holiday season comes and goes, we send all of you our love and wish you health and happiness, today and everyday.



8 thoughts on “Thursday 12/4 – Holiday seasons begin and a taste of Winter

  1. Love your updates. Love the pictures. Judah is an amazing little boy. Full of love, laughter, and smiles. Truely blessed. Seasons Greetings to all of you. Much love. Aunt Sue

  2. Dear J-N-J,
    I can hardly believe how much Judah has grown!! He is getting to be a big boy now and so very cute.
    I pray that he will stay healthy this winter and think there’s a good chance of that now that he is no longer in day care. Day care is a wonderful thing, but once one child gets sick, it goes through all the children like wildfire!
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful pictures of Judah and yourselves!
    Continued prayers for all,
    Trish Freeman

  3. Thanks so much for the update. You are all in my thoughts daily. He is so incredible. And so are his parents. Love to all.

  4. LOVED this Update message ;-). AND seeing Judah walking about (yes, definitely tossing those balls over the gate *in order of SIZE!!*) was just a delight– my first time seeing him walking ;-).

    VERY wise decision to keep him out of daycare– yes, colds can just rip through all the children…. and he doesn’t need that ;-). Looks like he’s also VERY happy with his home and library activities and visits with extended family– that’s plenty for a little one …. and with the benefits of it being much easier to *keep healthy*, just a true ‘plus’ all the way around ;-).


  5. Thank you for such a wonderful update! Judah is incredible cute, smart and funny, and has the most incredibly parents ever! May this holiday season and the year 2015 bring you everything you wish for. We love you so very much! All Morozov’s

  6. great update! It’s amazing watching Judah’s progress. we wish you Happy Holidays, and good health now and in 2015. love and prayers
    carl and sherry metz

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