Saturday 1/31 – Hibernating at Home

Welcome back and thank you for bringing your love and checking in on Judah and all of J-N-J. We truly hope everyone had a wonderful end to 2014, and that the new year is treating you all fantastically. Although it has been a while since our last update, of course no news is good news. We have been living, laughing, and loving every day so far in 2015, and are firmly settled in to wintertime in Pittsburgh. 


Wintertime around here means cold weather, snow and ice, and worst of all – Flu season, one of the nastiest we’ve had in a while. During the winter months Judah is pretty much locked down at home. It has been a few months since he was able to go to daycare and play with friends, the playgrounds are often covered in snow, and overall it is hard to get out to the places he used to go and play, as everyone is sick and even a little bug is enough to cause Judah to be hospitalized. So we hide out and hibernate at home for a while. But just because he is cooped up at home, doesn’t mean the fun inside has to end.

With the reduced exposure, Judah has actually stayed pretty healthy this Winter. While he does seem to be getting some cabin fever at home all the time, he is certainly happy for the reduction in visits to the hospital and having to see doctors. We do make some trips out on the weekends, to brunch or the library or the toy store, but too much interaction out in the world just brings the germophobia out for mommy and daddy.

Judah continues to grow into a boy, and just like any two year old his personality, as well as his emotion and intellect are really blooming. He makes us laugh, tricks and manipulates us, and amazes us every day. Even his temper tantrums are adorable. And although the end of 2014 and holiday season had us a bit more relaxed on pushing his feeding therapy and less focused on capping his trach and talking about decannulation, his development overall is incredible to see, and giving him the time to just grow and heal and be healthy has done wonders for him. Judah loves to play with his trains and cars, build and knock over his blocks, throw things down the stairs, laugh at everything, and walk around with buckets on his head.

Although the winter is really only halfway through, and we look forward to Springtime when we can get back outside and play, we are definitely making the best of this season with lots of play, health, growth, and love.

All our love to you


8 thoughts on “Saturday 1/31 – Hibernating at Home

  1. Always happy to have the updates. Judah looks like a happy busy two year old. Love the pictures. Thank you for taking time to keep us all a part of Judah’s life no matter how many miles away. Love to you all. Stay warm.

  2. Love all the new pictures of Judah just being a little boy and seeing him grow, but especially love the bucket on the head!! 🙂

  3. Dear Nate and Jess, thank you very much for update. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. We glad and happy to hear about Judah’s progress to the boy from baby. He is as always very smart and adorable. We hope rest of the winter will be better then first part and springtime will get to all of us soon. We are wishing to all 3 of you everything the best and hope our wishes come true.
    Love you all.
    Klava, Isaac, Art.

  4. Thank you J-N-J for sharing with us such perfect pictures and video. Judah is such a wonderful boy.
    May you have a very healthy and happy 2015. Hope to see you possibly this summer. Love, menella and misha

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