Sunday 9/30

Another great night and day for little baby bear. Last night both Daddy and Baby slept through the night with minimal crying from either of them. Baby Judah woke up only when nurses would come in to change his diaper or take blood. his heart rate and breathing stayed very good all night, which led the doctors to continue reducing his medications.

This morning was going very well, until around noon when he had a slight arrhythmic episode, but he worked himself out of it within minutes and before the doctors could even make it in the to room to check it out. it wasn’t too high or too low, and he returned to normal very quickly, so they weren’t too concerned. they adjusted his medications one more time, and since then he has been very stable again.

Like we said yesterday, at this point that’s what’s going to be happening for a few days. Dr’s adjusting medication doses, waiting to see how he reacts, and then adjusting again. but so far the progress has been great. It has been so good that the doctors have been able to not only reduce, but completely stop over half of the medications little wonderbear was on. They’ve even reduced the already low amount of oxygen coming into his low flow nasal tube, and may be able to take that off of him completely in a couple of days.

The biggest news of today however, is that Judah has started drinking breastmilk from the bottle again! This is a huge step as the doctors told us it could take days to get him to the point where he is ready to drink breastmilk, and depending on how he does, he might have had to work with a physical therapist, because after an intense surgery at such a young age, some babies forget the sucking and swallowing instinct when they don’t use it for a while. Judah has been taking his nutrition through an IV for 10 days now, so we were worried how he would take to the bottle, but he was able to begin drinking from it again, stop IV nutrition, and will be drinking more and more from the bottle as he builds his strength.

We are so proud of the great progress he has been making in the last couple of days. We are hopeful it will be only another week or so in the ICU, and then hopefully again only another week or two in the regular Cardiac wing before we get to take our little lionheart home, but only time will tell how Judah’s progress will continue. However, with all of your support, we will all make it through this together. Our thanks again to all of our dedicated followers, friends, and family.

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  1. Such a sweet story. I’m glad he’s doing so well. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

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