Monday 10/1

Today was Judah’s 3 week birthday. We celebrated by removing one of his IVs, and continuing to lower his medications. He has been able to discontinue almost all of his medicines, except for about 3, down from his high point of 12.

He had a nice calm night again, and a calm, stable day. Heart rates were very solid and exactly where they should be, as he continues his progress of preparing to leave the ICU, with any luck by the end of this week. He is beginning to drink his breastmilk again, but just starting off slowly due to all the irritation in his throat from the breathing tube, and his stomach has to get used to eating again since he went so long without. However, in time he will be back up to the levels of food he was eating before surgery, and more.

A few more tubes will be removed tomorrow morning, and pretty soon he’ll be left with just one IV, and the original PICC line he got before he was admitted to the hospital when he was just a day old. Although mommy and daddy have been able to hold their baby some, once he has some more tubes removed it will be much easier to lift and hold him, and even to sit and rock with him.

Now that baby J is doing a lot better, is more active and awake, and has come down on so many medicines, the parade of nurses coming in to his room to coo at him and make faces and tell him how cute he is has started back up. This kid is definitely a heart breaker, now that his own heart has been fixed.

Today begins the first day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, a festival commemorating the 40 years the Jewish people wandered in the desert, as well as a celebration of the harvest. We wish all who observe this holiday a Chag Sameach, or a joyous festival. May all who wander find their way, and may all of our harvests be bountiful in every way.