Friday 6/7 – Almost 9 months and growing strong!

Judah continues to amaze and impress not only us but everyone who meets him. The last few weeks continue to bring lots of outings and trips into the real world, and Judah has become quite the flirt. Every time he sees someone or something new, he laughs and smiles and charms the pants off of everyone. He no longer seems to think every trip out of the house is a trip to the hospital, and he loves getting ready to go out for a ride in his kid cart.

The last couple of weeks have given us chances to go out for walks in the sun, back to Phipps Conservatory again, out to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for barbeques, and Judah even got to go out to a restaurant for the first time! Last weekend mommy and daddy took him to the Applebee’s right up the street from home for lunch. It might not have been the most glamorous of restaurants, but it was a lovely first experience out eating in public. Part of our homework to help Judah’s feeding development come along is to let him see people eating, and when we eat in front of him he loves to watch and laugh and mimic our actions. Today Judah got to take his first trip to the Library where daddy works, and he had a great time playing and reading, and even checked out his first books.

Judah continues to develop like any other baby,  stretching and putting on weight, and he is now up to almost 18lbs and 26 inches! Not only is he growing big and strong, but he continues to get new teeth! He has had a number of teeth in both the top and bottom rows making their way to the surface, and just this week his two front teeth finally broke through! Although all of this teething makes him a bit fussy and uncomfortable, he is still handling it like a champ, and aside from a little crankyness at night before bedtime, he continues to be the happiest and most pleasant baby we’ve ever known. He also now stands up! Judah has been doing so well sitting up on his own, we’ve begun working on standing up, and he loves to stand! Here’s a video of him playing on his newest music table and standing on his own! Watch out world, Judah will be walking soon!

Little J has also had a number of doctors appointments in the last couple of weeks, and just like always, he continues to impress his doctors with his growth and development. He has again come down on a few medications, and had some others adjusted. Judah is now taking less than half of the medications that he was on just 2 months ago when he was discharged home from the hospital. He has also been doing so well on his CPAP trials on the ventilator, that just today the doctors decided instead of just adding 15 minutes to each trial per week, he is ready to jump straight to being on CPAP all day long while he is awake! We will continue to work with him and monitor his progression, and maybe in just a few more weeks or months we can begin trials for a few minutes at a time off of the vent completely.

One last thing we want to let everyone know about, on June 22nd at our Temple Rodef Shalom in Oakland, we will be having a Baby Naming for Judah during Saturday morning services. The prayer will be just a brief part of the regular Shabbat morning service, but we will be so happy to meet everyone and share oneg afterward. It will be a wonderful blessing for Judah, but if you can’t make this small ceremony, don’t worry – his first birthday is just around the corner, and we have much bigger plans for that (details coming soon for an event to be held around the end of September)!


10 thoughts on “Friday 6/7 – Almost 9 months and growing strong!

  1. Love seeing Judah standing up. He’s doing great. Wish we were closer. I wasn’t able to go to Alex’s graduation but hear everyone had a great time. Rachel had a good time staying at Bob/Becky’s. Love to you all.

  2. Oh Jess he is so cute! I can tell from the pictures that he is a very happy and content little guy! What a blessing to see Judah growing and healing. I bet Rider loves Judah… I think of you often! Dina and I really want to visit soon. She is on vacation next week, so we will be in touch when she returns.

    You are a great Mom,
    Love and thoughts,

  3. What a wonderful update!!! LOVED the video of Judah playing at his ‘music table’! He is *so* alert and aware and *thinking* — and just LOVING his life ;-). He’s one amazing little fellow for sure ;-).

    So happy you have your date set for his baby naming blessing at Rodef Shalom– and I’ll have *just* returned from a week-long work trip the day before and will be SO happy to be there and celebrate with you and *everyone* at Temple ;-). It will be a true delight to get to meet our own little ‘lion-hearted’ boy!!

    Hugs and love to all of you– and enjoy the springy-summery weather 😉

  4. Judah is very cute and big. I love his smile. He is obviously very happy to have parents like you.
    Thanks for taking time to update your relatives and and friends.can’t wait to finally see him in September.
    Love you

  5. We are so glad to hear wonderful news from you guys! Way to go Judah, Jess and Nate!!!!!! Mazal Tov on baby naming! Wish we can be there! But will definitely drink L’Chaim to Judochka, his amazing parents and the entire family! Love you!
    All Morozov’s

  6. What a wonderful up-date and the pictures are such a pleasure to see, since Judochka brightens them up with his contageous smile. Mazel Tov on the up-coming baby naming. Sorry we can’t make it to be with you on that day, but we’re sure it is going to be nice and very emotional. It always is. Put positive emotions are good for us all. If, everything will go we’ll here in LA for us, we’ll try to plan to come for his 1st B-day celebration. Love, Menella and Misha

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