3/25/16 – The Good and the Just Ok

The news is in! They want to kick us out of here on Sunday morning!

Judah will be coming home with a pretty big list of health concerns, and needs to be followed closely by our Cardiologists in Pittsburgh, but once he gets out of a hospital bed, a LOT will surely improve quickly.

The Just Ok news is that we will need to come back to Cincinnati next Friday for another scope. The back section of Judah’s reconstruction has healed beautifully, but the front section has not yet, so the surgeon needs to be certain it will not collapse or scar over. We expect to make several trips to Cincinnati over the spring and summer, but we thought we’d have at least a week or two! Our little man could use a break!

I refuse to celebrate anything until Judah is back to 100 percent, and there is always the possibility that Sunday comes and they decide he’s not well enough to go home. But so far, we are headed in that direction. (I seem to remember LOTS of times we were promised discharge, only to stay put for a lot longer, so I remain pessimistic ALWAYS!)

So keep little Judah in your prayers this weekend as he fights for his returning strength and so he can make his way home.

Happy holidays to all of those who are celebrating! We send you all our love and thanks, and can’t wait to see you all in person!




Much Love, many thanks,
Mama Bear

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  1. My heart and prayers go out for you all… I love the pictures with the smiles as it shows how far he has come in his recovery.

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