3/23/16 – Springing Forward!


After a bit of a rocky start of life without a trach, Judah is healing and working hard toward going home!

So Judah, post extubation, retained A LOT of fluid, mostly around his lungs. He also required hefty doses of morphine while intubated, so withdrawal was very tough on him. However, this week he has turned a HUGE corner, kicked off the withdrawal and extra fluid and doesn’t need anymore oxygen! So now we really get to see Judah without tubes, wires or a TRACH!!!



This afternoon we were even moved to the Complex Airway floor, which means he doesn’t need the intensity of ICU.

Tomorrow, he has his third and last currently scheduled scope to make sure his new airway is solid and healing well. Hopefully that means that we will be free to return to Pittsburgh as early as this weekend! HOWEVER, there is a possibility they ask us to stay local for more procedures. So say those prayers and think those good thoughts because we would LOVE to come home and discover our trach-free life!!!

Also, Judah is still on really heavy medication and can still barely walk. He’s come a long way, but we have to come a bit further to get our running, jumping Bubb back. I hope our next update is even better!

Thank you all, and we love our family, friends and fans!!!!!




19 thoughts on “3/23/16 – Springing Forward!

  1. Thanks be to God……..I know he has a ways to go yet but he sure does look healthy……..I love the hair !! Mom and Dad you both need some well deserved rest.
    Love and prayers.

  2. OMG! It’s such a great joy to see our little HERO without the truch!!!!! Get better Judochka, your family from LA can’t wait to meet you in Florida for a play date with our little ones!
    We love you all!

  3. J-N-J, thanks for such news. It’s a great gift from you for my birthday. Best wishes. We are continuing thinking, praying, dreaming for Judochka full recovery. Love you all.

  4. Wow!!!!!! SO wonderful that Judah is healing up, and all ‘un-plugged’. Oh my goodness!!! SO happy for you ALL!!!

    Lots of love and hugs– and I’m hoping to see this little Judah bear at TOT SHABBAT some month πŸ˜‰

  5. Praise God! This is incredible news. I will continue to lift the three of you up in prayer.

  6. Slowly but surely is a good way to get to achieve the goal. Keep make these small, but steady steps forward. Love

  7. Came across your blog doing LTR research. Our son is scheduled for a double stage in Cincinnati next month. Love his shirts and praying for a smooth transition into trach free life for your family!

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