Wednesday 10/10

Today everyone had a celebration, as it is Mommy and Daddy’s 2 year Anniversary, and little Judah Michael’s 1 month birthday. We celebrated it the best way you possibly can in a hospital, with champagne, cake, and good test results.

Daddy and Judah had a nice and calm night, and Mommy finally got home for a night of sleeping in her own bed. This morning while daddy was getting some work done, Judah was busy on the other side of the room with another battery of tests. He had a Chest X-Ray, a hearing test, and an Echocardiogram to look at his heart in detail. The chest x-ray came back clear, with no fluid in his lungs or anything of concern, He scored an A+ on his hearing test, and the doctor performing his echo was very impressed with how well his heart is doing after the surgery. The patch the doctors put between the lower ventricles is holding very strong and the heart is bonding to it the way it should, and the tube they put in to create his Pulmonary artery is filtering blood exactly the way it should be with no leaks. This is all great news, and now we only hope for good results from the “cookie swallow” test tomorrow.

As for our anniversary and birthday celebrations, all three of us greatly appreciate your congratulations and kind words and thoughts. We had a visit from Gramma Luba and Grampa Mark, who brought a small taste of celebration to us in the hospital this afternoon, and Judah brought smiles and joy to everyone.

our love,

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