Thursday 9/27

Today brought a day of ups and downs, mainly in Judah’s heart rate. He has been having a lot of arrhythmias lately, which are basically spikes in high or low heart rates. It’s been a day of irregular heart beats, and doctors trying new things. They even hooked his little heart up to a pacer today to try to keep the rhythms in check.

It has also been another day where the doctors decided it would be best to wait just one more day before taking out the breathing tube. they were able to reduce some of the gasses going in to the tube, but overall he just isn’t ready for it to come out completely. He is on some new steroids to help his lungs recover from all the stress of having the tube in, in hopes that tomorrow he is in better shape and ready to breathe on his own.

Otherwise, not too much of a change today. he is going down on some of his sedation medications as they have a tendency to lower his heart rate even further, and with all of the irregularities in his heart rate over the last day the doctors feel it would be better for him to be a bit more awake and aware.

Although we had hoped to be out of the ICU by now, it seems Judah has other plans and likes the nurses here too much. Tonight, mommy will start spending the night with baby J again, in hopes that if he gets too worked up in the middle of the night she will be there to calm him down. Tomorrow Daddy will take his turn, we just can’t stand to be away from his cute little face. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby J all appreciate your wonderful words of love and strength, as well as all of your prayers. Your words of love and prayer, give us strength.