Sunday 10/25 – Travel and Excitement

September and October brought the most beautiful time of year to Pittsburgh, and plenty of trips out and about near and far! Judah celebrated his 3rd birthday, his first haircut, and his first RV roadtrip out to Iowa to meet so much more of his adoring family. He also had a great cardiology check-up, and we found out when we’ll be heading to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital before the end of the year to get further analysis on Judah’s airway needs. 

Shortly after the last update we celebrated Judah’s 3rd birthday! Judah truly had one of his dream days, celebrating with family in the morning and getting presents and cake, and then he got to ride a real train all over town (quite possibly one of his favorite life experiences so far), and finally a trip to play at the Science Center!

Nine days later, on the 3rd anniversary of Judah’s first open heart surgery, we took him to get his first haircut! He wasn’t exactly a huge fan of getting his hair cut, but was a real trooper. We were a bit worried about cutting too much and him losing his amazing curls, but a little trim did a great job at cleaning up what was becoming a tangly mess of curls.

Fall has really been heavy in the air around here lately, with delightfully cooler weather and all of the leaves changing color, it truly is a wonderful time of year. We’ve taken every opportunity we can to get out of the house every weekend, trips up to the mountains, to pumpkin patches, parks, playgrounds, and zoos.

And of course for our biggest trip yet, a 4 day, 1600 mile roadtrip to Iowa in a 30 foot long RV! Judah had an absolutely amazing time meeting so much of his family on mommy’s side, including both Great Grandmothers! While a whirlwind of a trip, lots of fun and memories were made, and it definitely won’t be the last trip to Iowa, or the last time we rent an RV for a family vacation.


And speaking of big trips, following a great Cardiology visit this month, the doctors noted no change in the pressure in Judah arteries or any loss of functionality or additional calcification on the implanted conduit in his heart, Judah has been cleared another 6 months before he sees his Cardiologist again, so we are now preparing for the next big trip. In early December we will spend a week in the care of various departments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, hopefully able to get some answers on what Judah’s airway needs are, and, working with many of the departments there to come up with a future plan on getting Judah decannulated. The dates are set, the itinerary is printed, now we just have to wait a few more weeks.

Judah is such a delight these days, so smart, so silly, so adorable, and so non-stop. His days are filled with therapies, daycare, play and fun. Thanks for continuing to watch him grow, and for all of your love and support.




10 thoughts on “Sunday 10/25 – Travel and Excitement

  1. What a delightful report. May Judah and everyone in the family bring us only good health reports. Love, Menella and Misha

  2. I love getting the updates from you. It was so much fun spending time and meeting Judah. Just too short. It was a good day.

  3. Great haircut! And fabulous news. He is so very lucky to have such wonderful parents and extended family – and you are all blessed to have him.
    Love to all,

  4. Such a present to all of us, thank you very much. We appreciate your updates. We wishing you to get every next health report better than last. Judah is the treasure. Can not wait to see all of you. Our love always with you.

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